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Biologic v. Legal Fatherhood – Which Role is for You?


PaternityWhile the topic may seem pretty straight forward, Paternity isn’t just about the father, as the role of the father affects everyone around him. Yes, the law impart privileges to fathers and they also deliver responsibilities. While biologically fatherhood is very cut and dry, how the government and the courts view “fatherhood” as a topic cuts both wide and deep in our psyche as a nation. Conservative and Progressive politics, legislation, and the Judiciary, and in fact Society respond to this issue in powerful, yet often inconsistent ways. It’s a topic wrought with controversy in our society.


Over the last fifty years, as the rise of single, never married parents continues, the legal definition of “father” has become less and less clear.   Questions related to Paternity are among those most frequently asked of us: How do I prove I am not the father? How do I prove that I am the father? What happens if I have been “the father” for a decade and now DNA says I’m not? Can a technician in a lab coat make me irrelevant or worse? What’s the difference between a “legal father” and a “biological father”? Why?


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