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Every business agreement begins with a conversation, a few casual notes on a napkin, a sticky note,  or an email.  But once you’re ready to take actual steps towards doing business together it’s time to put those initial explorations down on paper, review them,  and then sign them.  If the intellectual property is your own, you’ll want a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and maybe you’ll need a Partnership Agreeement as well.  There could very well be document that allow you to purchase or sell a business; and that lay out the parameters of which partners are responsible for particular responsibilities.


Naturally, you can fill out some documents online, and we use automation to save us time and money too.  But, with our MKB Lawgroup system, the technology streamllines our work so we spend of your legal budget discussing your business objectives and strategies and ensuring that your documents reflect those changes that are unique to you and your circumstance – and they are always available to you online in any location that has secure access.


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