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Do you have a Will?


If you’re like most people you’ve probably been asked this question many times in your life.  But, do you have a Will?


It seems like it is one of those things that you mean to get around to doing but ever changing temperatures in relationships or circumstances seem to stand in the way to making those all important decisions and putting pen to paper.  Some people have adopted the point of view that “whatever happens, happens” and they don’t plan.  Yet planning what you want to happen for the people around you can be a great act of love.  It relieves them of making decisions at a painful and vulnerable point in their lives, when they may choose a platinum clad internment while you only wanted a pine box.  Tax considerations, revelation of important disclosures, many different issues are addressed in the context of your Last Will and Testament.


It’s time to address this issue, before it is literally too late.  Please write us to ask your questions and to arrange for an appointment today.  If you’re already well organized and you’d like to provide the information we’ll need to prepare your documents right away, log on to our Online Legal Affairs Center to review the entire category of Last Will & Testament questionnaires, or choose from selected forms listed below.  You’ll be able to return back and forth to your document as you provide relevant information.  Our staff will respond to your submissions or questions as soon as possible, and schedule a meeting with Attorney Brown right away:


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