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New York prenuptial agreementsMarry, Marry, Quite Contrary

Society is well acquainted with the Prenuptial Agreement – which essentially lays out what the terms of a potential separation and divorce will be like.

The purpose is to protect the assets, personal and business, of an individual who has spent a lifetime, or whose family has spent generation, growing.

They don’t always stick; and in some cases can be nullified if they were written outside of reasonable or fair terms to begin with.

The key to crafting a prenuptial agreement that will hold up down the road is to have someone well experienced with New York divorce laws.  Mary Katherine Brown is a dedicated New York family lawyer with extensive experience drafting New York prenup agreements.

A Postnuptial agreement can take the form of a modification of an agreement that began as a Prenuptial Agreement, or it can lay out the terms for an anticipated divorce.  For instance if a couple plans to divide their household an assets at the time that their youngest child graduates from high school – or if they are disabled – meets a particular milestone.

If you have questions about nuptial agreements, please share your personal story below, or write to arrange for a consultation.  If you’re ready to provide the details to us for your Prenuptial Agreement, please visit our Legal Affairs Center.

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