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Secrets of New York Court Rooms

Posted on : October 19, 2017, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer

Going to court for any reason can be nerve-wracking. When family issues are at the heart of the reason for your visit, things can become even more complicated. Knowing what to expect, especially if you haven’t been in a courtroom before, is key to keeping a level head on the day you see the judge.


What Not to Bring


A courtroom is a professional environment, much like a job interview. Leave your cell phone off or turn it on silent (vibrate settings are still audible in a quiet courtroom, so be aware of that if you were to get a text or a call). Don’t wear a hat or sunglasses, throw away any food or drinks, and don’t chew gum. Your courtroom will likely have a sign of what you should avoid.


High Security


Naturally on the “do not bring” list is a weapon of any kind. All courtrooms screen everyone coming in for weapons before they enter the facility. Expect to put your personal belongings, like your purse, wallet, keys and possibly even your shoes, into a bin that will go through an X-ray scanner. You’ll walk through a metal detector and be sure to let the security agents know if you have medical devices or implants that will set off the detector and cannot be removed.


Divorce Court is a Public Affair


Contrary to popular belief, your case is not private. In fact, anyone can enter the courtroom and sit in on your hearing, except any party you expect to call as a future witness. While you can ask family or friends to join you for moral support, you probably shouldn’t. Just don’t be surprised if you see a few unfamiliar faces. Don’t pay attention to others in the courtroom and instead stay focused on the matter at hand.


No Jury Will Be Present


Juries are used for criminal cases, not family law cases. Don’t expect to see a jury box of 12 people waiting to decide your family’s fate. Instead, there will simply be a judge or commissioner who you speak to and who will make rulings regarding your case.


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