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How to Support Your Children Through a Divorce

Posted on : January 5, 2017, By:  Mary Katherine Brown

If you have children and are considering a divorce or are in the middle one, a primary concern is how your children will cope emotionally with the change. It’s important to support your children as best as you can during the divorce. Here’s how.


Avoid Trash Talking Your Ex


Save the trash-talking about your ex-spouse for your friends and family who are willing to listen, or write it down in a journal. It’s important to process your negative feelings about the divorce, but not to your children. Your ex-spouse is still their other parent. Speaking badly about them in front of your kids can be damaging to that relationship or even your relationship with your children.


Make New Routines and Let Your Children Know What to Expect


Instability greatly affects children. Kids who aren’t sure what the next day will bring tend to be more emotionally distraught during a divorce. Create new routines with your children that are just your own and your children will begin to look forward to them. Always let your children know what to expect both during the divorce and after. A quick reminder that the upcoming weekend will be spent at their other parent’s house can help tremendously when children are struggling to process changes and uncertainty about their future.


Be Open for Your Children


While your children are not the people you want to fully open up to during your divorce, you want to make sure you are fully open to whatever your children may need from you emotionally. Let them know they can talk to you about what is going on any time they wish. Reassure them that you love them and are there for them no matter what.


Consult a Divorce Attorney


Sometimes it can be difficult to truly know what is best for your children during a divorce, especially when there are hot button issues like child support and child custody on the table. A seasoned divorce lawyer can help you better understand your legal options and can help you evaluate the situation subjectively to create solutions that benefit your children.


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