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What Happens If I Forgot to Submit A QDRO In a New York Divorce?

Posted on : June 24, 2018, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Filing QDRO In Brooklyn Divorce

Did you know that qualified retirement plans must be divided using an order called a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)? Even if your divorce decree clearly stipulates that you are entitled to receive a portion of your former spouse’s retirement plan benefits, the establishment of a QDRO is necessary for this legal action to be […]

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The More Expensive Your Wedding, the Higher Your Divorce Risk

Posted on : May 17, 2018, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer MKB

Most people know that wedding planning is one of the most stressful activities that couples can undertake, often putting a great deal of pressure on them before the big day. Combine this with the possibility of cold feet and the potential issues are serious. It turns out, though, that even if you make it through […]

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New Study Finds Possible Connection Between Divorce and Genetics

Posted on : April 20, 2018, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Divorce Attorney In Brooklyn, NY

Divorce And Genetics: What A New Study Discovered A new study has identified a possible connection between a person’s genetic makeup and their potential for divorce. This is the result of a study published in the journal “Psychological Science” in January 2018, which suggests that a likelihood for divorce could be running in your genes. […]

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What Should Be Included in a New York Separation Agreement?

Posted on : March 20, 2018, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Brooklyn Separation Agreement Attorney

New York Separation Agreements: What You Need To Know There are many different reasons why you may choose to move forward with a separation agreement instead of a divorce. A separation agreement can outline many of the critical issues associated with such a shift in your family. This is an agreement that both you and […]

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Telemarketers and Bartenders Have Some of The Highest Divorce Rates

Posted on : February 12, 2018, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Brooklyn Family and Divorce

Do you think that your job has spillover effects on your life? If so, you’re not the only one. Many people with very stressful jobs find that it impacts their life in multiple ways. Jobs can put a lot of pressure on the family and the marriage. Initially, it might seem like these issues can […]

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