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5 Tips to Make It Through the Four Way Meeting

Posted on : May 28, 2017, By:  Mary Katherine Brown
Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer

Preparing For Your Four-Way  Meeting

Typically at the beginning of a divorce, a four way meeting will take place. This is a meeting between you and your attorney and your spouse and their attorney. This can be a source of significant stress for many individuals getting a divorce. Here are five tips on how to get through the meeting successfully.

1. Talk to Your Attorney About What to Expect

Before heading into a four way meeting, always discuss what to expect with your divorce lawyer first. You don’t want to head into the meeting blind, not knowing what will be talked about or what the immediate goal is. Ask your attorney what the purpose of the meeting is and decide what you consider a success.

2. Be Prepared to Listen More Than You Talk

Listen to what your ex-spouse has to say, even if you don’t want to. Often, two spouses will say the same thing, but they’re arguing and neither spouse realizes that they’re actually on the same page. Listen more than you talk and make an effort to understand what your spouse is trying to communicate.

3. Make Sure What You Say Will Move You Forward

While it may be tempting to start to hash out differences when you’re in the same room as your ex-spouse, be certain that what you say will move you forward in the conversation and toward your end goal. If it won’t and will simply cause dissension in the group, you may be better off not saying it.

4. Respect Your Ex

Even if you are angry or hurt by your spouse, it’s important that you are professional, curt, and respectful in any meetings you have with them and their attorney.

5. Consider Creative Solutions

There are few cookie-cutter solutions that work for every family. Chances are, you’re going to have to find some creative ways to make things like property division and child custody work for you. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions of solutions that may seem out-of-the-box — it may very well be a great fit for your unique needs.

At the Law Office of Mary Katherine Brown, we can provide you with the legal support and guidance needed during four way meetings and throughout the entire process of your divorce. Call today at (718) 878-6886 for a consultation to discuss the details and to learn more about what your next step should be.

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Alla Ozersky
19:34 23 Aug 19
I hired this firm to resolve my custody relocation case after previous attorney almost ruined it. Not only did Ms Brown successfully resolved this case, but she also provided useful information and explanation for her strategy, provided emotional support and answers to my multiple questions, not to mention very reasonable and fair pricing.
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Ben Harel
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Ms. Brown is outstanding. She specializes in family law and understands how to navigate the courtroom process to get you the best possible outcome. Highly recommend.
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susan davidson
18:26 12 May 19
Ms Brown, is an Extraordinary person, she’s calm, very professional, has a wonderful personality easy to work with and always has your best interests in mind. She handed my “nasty” divorce in such a calm and professional way that it shocked me and the opposing side. She doesn’t talk too much or annoys the judge but when she does it is right on point. I highly recommend this amazing person. I can be grateful enough to Ms Brown.
17:10 02 Jan 19
Excellent service. Very professional and hassle free.
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Mariana Peniche
17:43 12 Nov 18
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Yair Oded
19:00 07 Nov 18
It was recommended to me that I get in touch with Mary Katherine through an acquaintance who works in the field. I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I had made. I went through a complicated separation process and custody battle over my two year old son; my case was extremely challenging and before I retained the services of Mary Katherine it seemed as though all was lost. Mary Katherine and Eoin O' Mahony worked tirelessly on my case and managed to guarantee my access to my son and reach an agreement that protected my relationship with him and secured my status as his father. They did so with the utmost of professionalism, compassion, and generosity. I truly cannot recommend her warmly enough.
Iqra Yaqub
Iqra Yaqub
10:20 28 Apr 18
Christine David-Fortune
Christine David-Fortune
12:38 23 Mar 18
If you are looking for an attorney who would listen to your concern and tirelessly work with/for you to get results then Mary Katherine Brown is who you are looking for. She promptly addressed my concerns and kept me informed throughout the process. At the end she produce results I am happy with. Thanks again Counselor!
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Jeremiah Thompson
16:53 26 Jul 17
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