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Ask Your Divorce Lawyer These 5 Questions

Posted on : October 26, 2016, By:  Mary Brown
Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to divorce your spouse is nothing less than challenging. However, through a divorce can be suprisingly difficult for those who aren’t familiar with the divorce process or the legal system. Get your bearings by asking your divorce lawyer these 5 critical questions.

1. What Decisions Will Need to Be Made?

Every divorce case is different. Some people need to make decisions about property, and others about their children. Your divorce attorney can help you understand what decisions you’ll need to make as you move through the stages of divorce.

2. What Strategies Are Likely Going to Be Effective in My Case?

Have your attorney go over their proposed legal strategies with you. You’ll want to know up front if there’s more than one way you can proceed. You’ll also want to know what strategies your lawyer plans on using.

3. How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

While no lawyer can let you know what your divorce will cost in the end, you should be able to at least get a ballpark estimate. Ask your lawyer to give you a range of costs and know the bare minimum you’ll have to pay and what your maximum will likely be. Also get an idea of what things are likely to make that figure change.

4. What Are My Options?

You’ll want your lawyer to let you know what your legal options are. For example, there are many different legal options when it comes to child custody, or how to divide assets and property. You should understand the potential benefits and caveats of each option, so you can make informed choices about how to move forward.

5. What Is My Divorce Timeline?

How long a divorce takes largely rests on the shoulders of the divorcing couple on what they agree on — and what they don’t. However, your attorney should be able to give you a basic timeline of how long things should take. Ask about what is out of your control (such as how long it takes the court to process a certain document), and what you can control. Have your attorney let you know might cause the time frame to change.

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