Brooklyn Family Lawyer

What is a Family Lawyer?  (Is to say what is a family?)


Your family’s attorney is the quintessential Counselor at Law, a title most people have heard or seen written somewhere. A good Family Lawyer provides counseling and guidance from birth to death and is there to handle all of the legal details that pertain to the needs of your family, not just those matters related to Family Law such as Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, etc. The role of a Family Lawyer is often expanded to include Business Law, Elder Law, Wills & Estates – virtually any and every legal need your family may encounter. Your Family Lawyer is prepared to discuss your overall personal concerns and provide legal advice as you plan and develop your personal and professional life. This kind of an attorney is sometimes maintained on a monthly or annual retainer in addition to incidental financial requirements, depending upon how heavily you intend to rely upon your attorney beyond a single legal issue.


Often a Family Lawyer will advise and guide you through issues as disparate as managing benefits or insurance related to an aging parent’s disability or the special education needs of your children, including preparing specialized trusts to pay for your loved ones’ needs after you pass away.


Advocacy at both ends of life’s spectrum can be part of the role of a Family Lawyer. For example, when they will be there if you need help getting the local school district to comply with or create an educational plan for your child or when an elder family member’s needs are are not being met by Medicare or Medicaid. Your family’s attorney may also prepare your Will.  Indeed, your family’s attorney can be a lifelong shepherd, helping you implement the values and objectives you hold sacred.


The Law Offices of Mary Katherine Brown maintains a traditional view of the provision of legal services; they are “counselors” at law, or about the law. A distinctive and detailed understanding of the law allows your family attorney to provide an effective strategy to the solution of your family’s needs. They are alerted to the way the world looks from inside a courtroom; and if you trust your attorney, you will learn what is legally relevant, and what is legal white noise. An attorney who is astute has the ability to understand the emotional, financial, and pragmatic effect of the legal action to your personal life – but prioritizes skillfully attacking the legal problem to protect your position, your financial assets, and the integrity of your family.


Naturally we use the latest in technology to support your needs and your case; but in a way that allows us to spend less time on the production of paperwork and more time understanding the particulars of your case and counseling you about your legal issues. Eager to get started? Then visit the Family Law section of our online Legal Affairs Center to provide us the information we need to assist you right away; or simply submit your legal question below.



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