Brooklyn Wrongful Death Lawyer Mary Katherine Brown

“It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch.” – Anonymous


Wrongful Death is a civil action a family member can file to recover the financial losses related to a death that “should not have happened”.  These deaths were the result of negligence on the part of an institution or individual.  Wrongful Death can be the result of Medical Malpractice, construction error – most any type of negligence that results in the death of another person.  In New York State, emotional pain is not compensated; but other types of losses are.  For instance, the loss of income a parent would provide can be compensated.  Most anyone who remembers the OJ Simpson Murder Saga also remembers that the civil court found him guilty while the criminal court did not.  The difference is that the standard to prove the civil case is lower; and there are fewer protections in place for a civil defendant.


For those of us who have been faced with the tragedy and loss of a wrongful death; you’ll find our law offices a very compassionate group of individuals looking out for your best interests.  Please share your story by writing us about your case, or to arrange a meeting about your concerns.

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