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Who’s On First?


Divorces can take years to resolve and in the meantime your children need to have a sense of who is in charge, and you need to know what the parameters are for providing for your child immediately.  Temporary Custody is typically assigned quickly in lieu of permanent orders for child custody which may be determined after an extended period of time.  This type of Order typically defines Custody, Visitation requirements such as days, times and holidays or whether Supervised Visitation is appropriate,.  It also defines Access such as email, telephone or other types of communication, and the frequency thereof.  Temporary Custody defines how children will be cared for during the interim between the time a couple separates and their divorce becomes final.


For the best possible results, think about what your children materially need from both parents.  Then think about the resources as well as the resourcefulness of each parent and devise a plan that works to the benefit and well being of your entire family.  Request that those issues be “so ordered” by the court; rather than asking total strangers to specify the fine details of your day to day life.  Temporary Custody Orders may not reflect the final Custody Order, as where you live and work, your level of income, and your available resources may change considerably over time.


While many people initially approach the court as a place to fight out issues and to “win” an argument, it’s important to remember that as parents, you and your co-parent are in the best position to understand the unique needs of your family – and whether you live in the same home or many miles apart – the court will always view you, your co-parent and your children as a family.   Arguing over who is right, and asking the judge to decide from that perspective, often results in a great deal of inconvenience by “splitting the difference”, and often results in none of your parenting objectives being met.  While it might be painful and difficult to do at first, a reasoned approach will give your children, and yourself, the best chance for a happy and healthy future.


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